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"The FlatRoad Massager - 
A Must-Have Tool For
The Avid Spinner"
"After An Intense Spin Class, A Great Way To Relax Muscles And Restore Flexibility"

(Normally $199 - Today For Just $99!)

"Take Your Spin Class Recovery Routine To The Next Level"

From Rachel Giercyk
Estell Manor, NJ.

Dear friend,

Is spin class your break in a busy day? Your escape from reality? The way you sweat yourself clean?

That too often leaves you with sore and overworked muscles?

If you don't properly care for your body, you'll have a high chance of injury, keeping you OFF your bike. Not good.

The FlatRoad™ Massager is your answer to easing (and preventing) tight, inflamed, and overworked muscles that often result from an intense spin workout.

The Recovery Rocker

Hi, I'm Rachel Giercyk, the founder of FlatRoad Recovery™.

I've got an excellent recovery tool for you called The FlatRoad™ Massager.

It makes it easy for you to give your body the attention it needs to properly recover from spin class, so you can get relief from your exhausted, tight, and painful muscles; faster than ever.

I had to learn the hard way.

There I was, drowning in pain and exhaustion of tight, sore, and inflamed muscles from spin class. Even with my intense efforts, my results were decreasing. 

The big problem was that I wasn’t listening to my body and instead, kept pushing it hard, without proper recovery. 

Before long, it became too painful even to spin. No longer could I use spin as my emotional release, my escape from reality. I found myself consumed with "woe is me,” playing the world’s smallest violin.

Instantly, it became crystal clear to me how important it is to recover properly to prevent injury. I finally gave my body the tools and attention it desperately craved in order to heal and recover.

"The FlatRoad™ Massager is my go-to tool that INSTANTLY loosens up my tight, inflamed, and painful muscles. Hello flexibility!"

The Recovery Massager

The FlatRoad™ Massager caters to your body by delivering a deep tissue massage to your muscles, tissues, and tendons. It immediately starts to increase your body's blood flow, helping it heal properly and efficiently. 

Increased Blood Flow:

  • Flushes wastes and toxins from your muscles
  • ​Floods your body with new nutrients and fluids
  • ​Promotes accelerated muscle rejuvenation
  • ​Speeds recovery time
  • Reduces inflammation, loosening tight muscles
  • Reduce muscle strain, cramping, and pain commonly felt after spinning

The FlatRoad™ Massager will quickly become your go-to recovery buddy! 

  • Get warmed up quickly by using it to wake up your muscles before spin class
  • ​Increase your performance and bounce back faster
  • ​Accelerate your goal achievement 
  • ​Full body pain relief
  • ​Relieve painful ‘knots’
  • ​Relax tight calves and hamstrings
  • ​Loosen up quads, glutes, and hips
  • ​Ease tension and loosen tight muscles in your shoulder/neck area
  • ​Enhance you mood
  • ​Enjoy better posture and more flexibility
  • ​Prevent future injury

"Restoring Balance Back To Your Body Has Never Been Easier!"

What's great about The FlatRoad™ Massager 

  • ​It gets deep into your muscles where the trigger points are
  • ​It's durable, lightweight, and portable
  • ​​It does most of the work for you
  • ​It's designed for a more comfortable fit in your hand
  • ​It's about the size of your smart phone and weighs less than a pound
  • ​It's just as powerful as the heavy bulkier ones

The FlatRoad™ Massager is easy to operate and use 

  • The one-button control quickly navigates though intensities of up to 3400 revolutions per minute
  • ​Swiftly change between 4 massage heads to accommodate all areas of your body
  • ​Brushless noise reduction motor makes it very silent  
  • ​Convenient and universal USB-C charging!
  • ​Long battery life
  • ​Made from high-quality materials

"With The FlatRoad™ Massager, my body now has the tools needed to refuel, rest, and recover. 
Like no other"

Treat your achy muscles virtually whenever you want

  • Enjoy a professional-like deep tissue massage from the comfort of your own home
  • ​Fits perfectly in a travel bag or carry-on suit case
  • ​Combat 'tech-neck' at the office
  • ​Relieve muscle spasms and stiffness while waiting during kid pick-up
  • ​Great for defeating a crampy body during long car rides
  • ​Compact and sleek for quick use at the gym
  • ​​Keep it on your end table to use during your favorite TV show
  • ​Quiet and discrete enough to use next to a sleeping person

I don’t have time to go over every benefit from The FlatRoad™ Massager, because we would be here for hours. But I will tell you, other than giving up a lot of your time and money, this is your fastest, easiest, most direct path to enjoying a healthy, strong, balanced body.

I'm back on my bike and my body has never felt this strong and healthy. And that's why I'm so excited to share this with you. 

"The FlatRoad™ Massager"
The Perfect Solution To Easing Overworked Muscles From Spin Class
Here's exactly what you get:

The FlatRoad Recovery Massager ($199 Value)

BONUS #1: DIY Recovery Massage For Spinners - eBook ($20 Value)

BONUS #2: Muscle Fuel For Spinners - eBook ($20 Value)

BONUS #3: Quick & Easy Yoga Stretches For Spinners - eBook ($20 Value)

Total Value: $259.00

But Today You're Getting All Of This...

For Only $99!
Yes... So for about the same price as a night out with the girls, you can get these types of results too!

The FlatRoad Massager
YES RACHEL! Send Me The FlatRoad™ Massager & Give Me Instant Access To My Free eBooks RIGHT NOW For Just $99!
"Discover! The Easy Way To Refuel Muscles To Avoid Cramping, Inflammation, And Soreness From Spin Class"
  • ​Enjoy a healthy, strong, and balanced body: Learn to recover the right way from spin class so you can heal properly, improve your performance, and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Encourage muscle repair and growth: Refueling your body with the essential nutrients that promote faster and stronger muscle recovery helps you increase your energy and stamina during a spin class.
  • Reduce body fatigue and accelerate your results: Adding rest days into your routine will give your muscles time to heal, repair, and rebuild, improving your energy level and performance.
  • Savor the benefits of a professional massage: Self-massage improves circulation, helping you find quick relief from muscle soreness and tension without leaving your house.
  • Flexibility increases your strength and endurance: Discover the yoga stretches that help balance out your body and give you a more excellent range of motion.
When You Get Your FlatRoad™ Massager
(for only $99)
You'll Get All Of This!
The FlatRoad™ Massager
The Recovery Rocker
"Here's The Perfect Solution 
If You Want To Restore Balance To A Tight, Painful Body - In A Snap"
Total Value: $199
  • Relax overworked tight muscles from spin
  • ​Relieve painful 'knots'
  • ​Full body pain relief
  • ​Puts you in the express lane to healing faster and stronger
  • ​Enjoy better posture and more flexibility
DIY Recovery Massage For Spinners - eBook
DIY Recovery Massage
"How To Relax Overworked Muscles From Spin Class"
Total Value: $20
  • ​Instantly relax muscle tension
  • ​Get to know your body better
  • ​Treat tender spots and ease muscle pain without medication
  • ​Rebalance your body after spin class
  • ​Reduce muscle inflammation and stiffness
Muscle Fuel For Spinners - eBook 
Muscle Fuel For Spinners
"How To Refuel Your Muscles 
The Smart Way"
Total Value: $20
  • ​Improve recovery time
  • ​Fuel your performance and stamina
  • ​Minimize muscle soreness
  • ​Lower chances of serious injury
  • ​Reduce muscle damage resulting from strenuous spin
Quick & Easy Yoga Stretches For Spinners - eBook
Quick and Easy Yoga Stretches
"What You Must Know About Increasing Flexibility And Improving Strength"
Total Value: $20
  • ​Increase your range of motion
  • ​Relax tight and painful muscles
  • ​Restore balance to your body
  • ​Prevent future muscle tightness and pain
  • ​Reduce recovery time


At this point, you might be thinking, "This sounds great, but there's gotta be a catch, right?"

There's no catch!

I'm doing this because I want you, too, to wake up every morning feel loose, flexible, balanced, and refreshed.

All you need to do is click the button below, and you can get started right away (even if it's 2 am in the morning!!).

Time Is Of The Essence...
This is a LIMITED OFFER at this price.
Now, this offer can't last forever... So don't wait!

Enjoy a 30 day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you don't love it, I'll refund your money, and you can still keep access to the eBooks and get value from them in the future.

You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of 
Everything You'll Get today When You Order 
The FlatRoad™ Massager
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
The FlatRoad Recovery Kit
YES Rachel! Give Me Access To 
The FlatRoad™ Massager And eBooks
RIGHT NOW For Just $99 !
  The FlatRoad™ Massager   (Value $199)
  DIY Recovery Massage For Spinners eBook  (Value $20)
  Muscle Fuel For Spinners  (Value $20)
  Quick And Easy Yoga Stretches For Spinners   (Value $20)
Total Value: $259
Today Just $99
You're almost there! Push hard! Let's finish this together! 

5...4...3...2...1... FLATROAD™! 

Now go refuel, rest, and recover. Like no other

Thanks again,
Rachel Giercyk
P.S. Bottom line: If you want to quickly relax your sore, overworked, and painful muscles from spin class, The FlatRoad Recovery™ Massager is the way to go. 

Get this offer today for only $99!  Act now- your satisfaction is guaranteed.
RACHEL! Give Me Access To 
'The FlatRoad™ Massager' 
RIGHT NOW For Just $99 !
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FlatRoad Recovery Kit
FlatRoad Massager
Everything Your Going To Get
  • The FlatRoad™ Massager - (Value $199)
  • DIY Recovery Massage For Spinners - (Value $20)
  • Muscle Fuel For Spinners - (Value $20)
  • ​Quick And Easy Yoga Stretches For Spinners - (Value $20)
Total Value: $259
Today Just $99

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